Monday, June 10, 2013

What I have learned about action research & Blogs.

Write a description of what you have learned about action research and how you might be able to use it.   
Administrative Inquiry or Action Research is about an individual (Principal/Teacher) trying to improve their practice.  It involves the methodical, intentional study of his own administrative/teaching practice and takes action for change based on what is learned from the inquiry.  

Reflection is an important aspect of action research because it is one of its key components.  These include:  inquiries, data collection, examine and analyze, take action and then reflect, and adjust if necessary.  

There are many benefits to conducting action research.  The main benefit is it allows the principal to look at his own practice and campus to see if there is effective change that needs to be made.  It provides a framework for systematic inquiry into one’s own practice.  The research is local and the researcher (principal) is an insider that is focused on a specific issue that is being inquired.  It allows administrators to make their reflection purposeful and visible.  This will help with buy-in from others.  Everyone involved in the process learns from each other.  

I will be able to use it as a teacher and as administrator.  It can be used with anything from simple issues to more complex situations.  I feel that the biggest component is always looking at my practice and getting input from my learning community.
    Write an analysis of how educational leaders might use blogs.

    There has been an increase in the use of blogs in many professions and personal lives in the recent past.  Educational leaders can use blogs in a variety of ways.  Teachers can use it as their classroom website and disseminate information to the students and parents on a daily basis, or on a do as you can basis.  Administrators can use blogs to keep teachers informed of school on-goings.  Parents can also be kept in the loop. 

    Blogs make it easier for people to communicate because you can just post something you are thinking about on ‘the fly’ and not have to worry about composing a formal memo or email, or wait until the next faculty meeting to get the information out.  Another positive aspect of blogs is that they are interactive, which allows members to post ideas or responses to your initial entry.

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    1. I agree that a by-product of action research needs to be buy-in by those affected by the outcome of the research. No change can be made, no matter how beneficial, if the people affected don't see a benefit to them. Hopefully, since they are teachers, they will see research that benefits students as a benefit to themselves by extension.