Saturday, June 15, 2013

Week Two - Action Research Project

--> In the Dana (2012) text,  the 9 major wonderings or areas of interest were introduced.  

They are:
1.  Staff development
2   Curriculum development
3.  Individual teacher(s)
4.  Individual student(s)
5.  School culture/community
6.  Leadership
7.  Management
8.  School performance
9.  Social Justice.

Each of these gave good examples of possible action research projects.  I found each to be important topics and found myself starting with “This is the most important…” because I thought they each were.   I had a difficult time narrowing down my research project until after I read this chapter.  I’m finding that keeping it simple will get me the best results in an action research project.  If I make it too involved, or unrealistic, my project will be less than par.

So far, I have narrowed down my action research project to:

How can we get veteran teachers to use technology in the delivery of their lessons. 


  1. It is very interesting that you chose this action research project. It is one that I am also considering. Depending on what happens with my Site Supervisor, we may be helping each other out on this project. I see so many of the veteran teachers afraid to try the technology. It saddens me because they are terrific teachers, but they are loosing their students without the technology.

  2. I actually narrowed my focus as well after reading the chapter. I realized I was trying to accomplish too much and probably would have not gotten the "buy-in" necessary to get the project done.

  3. It is difficult to narrow down your project when you already have a much bigger picture in mind. My site supervisor had to help me scale back my project as well but if all goes well I will be able to implement the rest of my plan in the 2014 fall semester.